September 28, 2009

Day #18

Highlight of the day: Last session for now

The day began with running around the house. Whitney had a fever the night before so I was trying to decide if she was well enough to go. I determined that the fever was from teething and proceeded with the morning rush routine. Thankfully, Matt brought Fiona to my sister in laws and Whitney and I were on the way.

It was not her most successful day as she was not feeling 100% but we survived the morning with a few more tears than normal. Someone said we should have taken a picture of her since it is a rare occasion. I am so thankful that she is so good natured.

Our plan for October is to have a follow-up session once a week. We also have a few doctor appointments. The first one is a check up this Thursday with her plastic surgeon. He made her back look pretty after the neurosurgeon closed her spinal cord shortly after birth.

Thank you for following us through our daily journal this past month.


Leigh and Andy said...

"AAAAAHHHHHH" you made it through the first session!! :) It was so great to read all of these updates and hear how great Whitney was doing. She is such an inspiration to us! :) Thanks so much for letting us in on your CLC experience. We'll be praying that all of her appointments go well this month! See you soon!!

Anonymous said...

Praying your appointments go well--and praying Whitney is feeling better soon! So nice to have a little one so happy all the time :-)