October 4, 2009

Follow-up session

We are planning to do 8 follow-up sessions over the next 2 months. The first 4 will be with Whitney's little friend and the last 4 will be one-on-one.

We have been doing some of the routine at home this week but I have to say she cooperates better there than at home. Whitney thinks it is fun to watch Fiona do them more than she likes to participate herself.

Today she was climbing, with help, up the small stairs. She maneuvered herself around off the bottom stair and onto the floor into a sitting position. This was quite the accomplishment and gives me hope that she is learning how to get around on her own and developing more courage to problem solve. She also stood with her knees straight and hands down flat on a 5"
box. This was also a new step as before she would not go down that low to the ground.

A few things that we are going to focus on this month is to teach her how to move her legs, while in a straight leg sitting position. We are teaching this by having her move her leg straight up and over, and to move her body while on her bottom. This will also help strengthen her weak thigh muscles.
The other new goal is for her to learn how to get from a sitting position to a kneeling position and back again on her own.

This morning before CLC (exercise school) Whitney had a doctors appointment.
Her back is looking great and we do not need to see him again until fall of

Next week we have Whitney's eye exam on Monday and then CLC later in the week.

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