September 7, 2009

Fiona's Home

Fiona is finally home. It seems like she's been gone for months, not just a week. Within five minutes of Fiona's departure, we noticed how much quieter it was without her. She has apparently had fun touching the frogs and watching the fish at grandpa and grandma's house, going shopping, visiting the zoo ("there were no lions"), and generally being spoiled. In the meantime, we've had a chance to get to know Whitney and her personality better. She's definitely enjoyed the added attention. But we're all happy that Fiona's back, especially Whitney.

The first thing Fiona noticed when she got back--we have "a new Notre Dame flag." Smart kid. She even tried to call Daddy on Saturday to say "Go Irish!" But I was at the game, so I couldn't hear the phone.


ErinM said...

I love the pictures!! I can't believe what big girls Fiona and Whitney are becoming.... I also just don't understand how it is possible that Whitney and Fiona can continue to push the boundaries of cuteness so high-- what a couple of dolls! You have the cutest little girls. Give them hugs from me, Andrew, and Sonia!

Keri said...

Such beautiful children!