September 3, 2009

Day #4

Highlight of the day: Great all around participation and no fear of standing.

We made it through the week! We will start up again on Tuesday morning for round #5. Whitney did a good job following direction today during the lying down program. She even anticipated when she was supposed to roll over to her tummy. We worked a bit more on posture today and trying to lift her hips while on her back. This may take a bit of practice.

Individual program went great today. She worked on crawling, high kneeling, standing, and 'walking'. Let me define how we are currently "walking" for you. Whitney is standing holding onto a chair in front of her and I am holding onto her hips and thighs with my elbows and knees on the floor. It is quite the sight. Today she tolerated walking across the whole room! A real achievement. We arrived to our destination with sweat on my brow.

Enjoy the weekend!


Melissa said...

Way to go Whitney (and Susan too of course)! Keep up the good work! Aunt Melissa is very proud of you! Lots of hugs and love.

Anna said...

Hi Susan.
Sounds like a great program, she is catching on so fast! I had to laugh at the manipulation, since that is Joely's favorite tactic. Keeping you all in my prayers!

Becky said...

Wow- I have not checked your blog in a while and just got on. Whitney and you have definitely been busy and it sounds like she is doing really well. Keep up the good work and thanks for letting us take a glimpse at all she is doing. Praying for quick learning and good results. With love & prayers- VJ & Becky Verduin & family