September 23, 2009

Day #15

Highlight of the day: Afterwards

We were on our way to pick up Fiona, and I look back at Whitney and she is moving her legs up and down over and over. It was so cute because of how she was concentrating and starring at them. This was quite the highlight for me. She also had a great day of record standing time while holding onto a stool.

The morning is now becoming a habit for all of us. Although, the weariness is setting in we know what to expect from the days as they fly by. Whitney did a great job listening and following directions even in her friend's absence.

Following our session we had a parents meeting update us on Conductive Education in the US. I was not able to stay for all of the information but I did learn a few new things about spina bifida in the CLC world. It is very unusual for a CLC to treat SB or spinal cord injury children. The PETO institute in Hungary has an area of training on SB but not everyone trains in it, and therefore not as many conductors are qualified or confident in treating children with SB.

Afterwards, I learned that the reason that many conductors do not learn to work with children with spinal cord injuries is that many countries and states within the United States have very low incident rates of spina bifida. Hungary, for example, has a very small number of children born each year with spina bifida. Ireland, in contrast, has a higher incident rate. Similar variations occur in the United States. The factor that most affects this rate: abortion.

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