September 10, 2009

Day #7

Highlight of the day: the slide

Whitney had a great morning. It is so fun to watch her gain more confidence. We worked on shifting our weight today from side to side. One of the things that helped us work on this were a few small steps to climb up and then the reward was to side down. With help Whitney crawled up the steps while shifting her weight and won her reward. Then she said, "more, more". It was a big hit. We also worked on twisting at her waist in a high kneeling position to strengthen her core.

Today I had a conference with the 2 conductors that have been in our classroom to talk about how Whitney is doing and what goals we have for her.

First they asked about her health. I explained the hip situation in more detail and we talked about her frequent UTI's and potty training. We also discussed how Whitney's left knee turns in and how we need to continually straighten it for her. She mentioned the benefit Whitney has currently with no deformities and mentioned exercises to work on to help prevent them in the future. We also talked about her AFO's and how we could improve them for next time to better assist her in standing. I am so thankful for their wealth of knowledge.

The goals they set out for Whitney are for her to learn how to follow directions, strengthen her lower extremities, be able to go from the floor to sitting to high kneeling to standing, and 4-point crawling. She also said that they have been very surprised at how well Whitney is doing in a group setting at such a young age. They were very complimentary to the both of us. I have to say that this made my day, maybe even my week.


Leigh and Andy said...

I get a HUGE smile on my face every time I read one of your updates. It
sounds like Whitney is continuing to do fantastic! I'm sure that it is such a great feeling, knowing that she is doing so well! Keep up the great work, Whitney!!! :)

Becky said...

Praise the Lord! What wonderful news to read that Whitney is making such wonderful progress. We pray that God will continue strengthen her and that she will continue to make great progress. With love & prayers- VJ & Becky Verduin & family