September 12, 2009

Day #8

Highlight of the day: It is Friday

(This is Matt, I'm posting this for Susan)

We tried to introduce Whitney to a walker which we hope will be the next step for her. She was NOT interested. She waved her arms and wanted nothing to do with it. I think we may have to get creative on this one.

The morning progressed well until Whitney needed to take a #2 potty break.
20-30 minutes later we continued our individual program. I felt a little better when her friend had to do the same shortly after. We did quite a bit of high kneeling and practiced more weight shifting.

Whitney and I had lunch in the van, picked up Fiona and then headed home.

Her physical therapist came shortly after we arrived home so it was quite the whirlwind. Her PT has not seen her since July and was quite surprised by Whitney's advancement. I am happy to report that we had to rewrite her goals because she accomplished the ones from this summer.

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Anna said...

Glad you guys are doing well. What a blessing to be re-writing goals because they have been accomplished!