April 6, 2011

Hip Hop

We went to see Whitney’s hip doctor today and had an x-ray. Her hips are now perfectly symmetrical to each other! This really is amazing if you look from where we have come and how this will benefit Whitney in the future in so many ways. I remember back to making those hard decisions with Matt as to if we should take the chance to have a surgery, months of a hip spica cast and hip bracing. Not to mention putting her behind with therapy, strengthening, standing, and walking several months all for a 50/50 chance. All that stress and extra work was well worth it! Our family of four has prayed many prayers for Whitney’s hip and we are so thankful that God has poured out His blessing on her and has indeed healed her in this way. Our concerns of future issues with her hips and potential scoliosis are now considerably diminished. We are so thankful.

Here is a little prayer Whitney prayed the other night that made me smile:

“Thank you for this food and drink
and for my baby, that it’s legs will work.
In Jesus name AMEN.”
(Amen is said with gusto.)