September 2, 2009

Day #3

Highlight of the day: Whitney standing!

The morning started well as Whitney was able to join her friends with a hello song and took off her shoes then the lying program began. Let me just say that I participated more than she did. I just had to laugh at one point. Here I am with a shaking a maraca above my head as Whitney just looks at me shaking her head. Ahhh!

Potty time came at 10:00. She had a dry diaper which is always and encouragement and then went pee pee. Bravo, Whitney!

We then had snack time and worked on some posture techniques. Then on to the individual program. Whitney had a fun time playing a game with her new little girlfriend. They sat on little stools with their feet flat on the ground, a parallel bar to hold on to, and a bin of Ty animals in the middle. We dumped the animals out and they were to basically pick them up and put them in the bin. This was great for Whitney as it encouraged her in a fun way to put weight on her feet. Then I learned how to properly and safely support her while she stands. She did a great job, became distracted, and put all of her weight on her feet--not my hands/arms/back. Whichever you choose. (: It was great. We are gaining confidence together.

Thank you for all of your encouragement.

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Leigh and Andy said...

SO AMAZING!! I almost shed a little tear as I read that Whitney was standing! God is SO good!! :)