April 22, 2010


My dear friend encouraged me to invite you to join me in sponsoring Whitney's school. On Saturday, May 8th, 2010 , I will be running to support the Conductive Learning Center in the Fifth Third River Bank Run. I have not been running for a few years so this has been a fun event to prepare for, and the girls are loving the jogging stroller. Whitney works so hard just to stand I figure I have no excuse not to run for her. Here is the website for you. Just mention Whitney or Susan Nelson.


April 13, 2010



Two peas in a pod: Fiona sings while Whitney claps.

Yes, I am standing by myself and I am NOT moving!

I have way too much to update you on so I will try to keep it brief. Let me first tell you about our doctor appointment today. We had Whitney's hip x rayed after the last 6 months of 12 hour bracing. 6 months ago her left hip was about 50% behind developmentally from the right. Today? They are the same! You might say, amazing, but I say what a miracle! I have to admit that I am shocked. The girls and I pray so often for Whitney's hip to be protected, grow, and heal. So, on the way home I explained to them what just happened. I told them that God healed Whitney's hip and Fiona said, "The Lord God Almighty?" I told her that was exactly right with a huge smile on my face. We will have the next 6 weeks brace free and then go in to check how it is responding.

A therapy update for you:
1. Three weeks ago Whitney took 5 consecutive 4-point crawling movements! She has done so many times since. This is proof of how much strength she is gaining over time.

2. Two weeks ago she began to lift her feet off the ground in a walking motion with the walker! She has someone behind her helping to support her hips at all times during therapy but she is now actively moving them on her own where before we always had to make the motion for her.

This past week was spring break from The Conductive Learning Center. Many times over the week Whitney yelled, "Me WALK!" She wanted me to support her body so she could 'walk'. I did indulge her as it was a request I could not deny no matter how rude it was presented. (: This past week we did take a few days to visit Chicago. We visited the Shedd Aquarium, the Smucker family, the Malhowski family, and my brother Michael's family. It was a joy to see all of you!