September 8, 2009

Day #5

The morning started a little rough for Whitney. I think the four day weekend gave her too much time to relax.

The lying down program went a little slow but well overall. Whitney did well anticipating the next set of excercises and what she was to do. We do a bicycle excercise on her back and I noticed her legs were stronger today than I remembered from last week. Every little improvement helps.

Potty time and snack went well and then we went on to play with our girlfriend at the parallel bars. Today we tried stomping on a sponge with our bare feet while sitting on our stool. Whitney did it! She wanted nothing to do with that sponge thing last week. She did a great job standing while distracted by stuffed ducks to keep her busy. We also worked on crouching from the standing position and then standing back up.

We were so happy to see a few visitors today to give us a little break. Thanks! We were welcomed home by Fiona and grandma in the front lawn awaiting our arrival. Time to rest up for tomorrow!


Leigh and Andy said...

It was so great to see you guys today! Whitney looks like she is doing FANTASTIC!! Such a happy little girl! :) Keep up the great work mama!! :) Love the updates!! :)

Nate and Emily said...

Whitney is motivating Carson and I as we prepare for a group class:) I hope you continue to see improvements!

Kathy said...

WOW Susan, you and Whitney have been busy for the last few weeks. Kudos to each of your for your perserverence !! I'm sure it must be taxing !! The girls are really growing, since I last saw them the end of May. Glad you're making such good progress. What a great blessing from God ! We continue to enjoy your postings, so keep it up. Love to all four of you, aunt Kathy