January 11, 2011

20 week ultrasound update

Well, here we are in 2011 and I have much to update you on from the end of 2010. Matt and I went to our ultrasound at the same high risk office we were at with Whitney. It was kind of an odd feeling being in the same room with one of the same ultrasound tech we had with the previous pregnancy. This time there were many things different. First of all we were much more educated on 'reading' the ultrasound and there was not the same feelings apprehension. The ultrasound lasted a good hour. Matt and I were watching the monitor and we began the narration. "okay, there is the brain. . . I don't see any banana or lemon sign. . . thats good. . . The spine looks closed. . . The feet look good. . ." and so forth. I really wish I knew what the ultrasound tech was thinking. (: We knew the signs to look for in regards to spina bifida. The techs are not supposed to say much but she agreed with our assessments. We then met with the doctor and she affirmed our observations that all was looking great. We are SO thankful for this good report.

Following the appointment I realized that I felt relief. I did not notice that the anxiety was there until I saw that all was looking healthy. We have a new perspective on what a gift a healthy child is. We are so blessed.