November 19, 2009

Best & Last

Today was our best and last individual session at the Conductive Learning Center. It was the best because Whitney gave 100% in the cooperation department. She had great endurance high kneeling today and stood up and down from a sitting position while holding onto a bar independently. She also was able to stand while holding onto a chair and picking up toys from the floor without any assistance. It was a fun day.

It was our last individual session as Whitney is almost two! It is strange because we began individual sessions when she was around 10 weeks old. We begin another parent and child session for three weeks this December. It is still up for debate if we will be doing our daily entry for you all. We will see if I am up for it. (:

happy thanksgiving!

November 3, 2009

Bye bye wagon

Today Whitney was fitted for an amtryke. It is a tricycle designed for children with varying disabilities. The bike we have ordered is a hand/foot crank model. Two main purposes of the tryke are to improve mobility and coordination. One goal for Whitney will be to break her habit of moving her legs simultaneously when she crawls. We were able to take a test drive down the hallway and both of us were pretty excited. I can not wait till spring when both of the girls will be on their bikes.

I once again realized how thankful I am to be near to fantastic health care. We are blessed with so much.

CLC went very well last week. She did an excellent job. It is such a great feeling to be progressing forward. It became pretty depressing in the past year not to be able to help her learn. It felt like time was ticking and there was nothing to do about it. I just keep thanking God that the hip continues to develop and praying that God will continue to equip me to be the best teacher and cheerleader that I can be.