September 1, 2009

Day #2

So, I have set up quite a nice little challenge for myself over here. I will start with telling you the highlight of the day. Whitney followed direction multiple times throughout the morning! The conductor and I were so excited. It is great to see and gives me confidence that she is able to do this at 1 1/2 year old. I just keep telling myself, "early intervention, early intervention...". We started the morning with having her learn how to take off her own socks and shoes and then went to what we call the lying program. There are different stations we visit throughout the morning and the goal is to walk to each destination to the best of your ability. The lying program takes place on a table of sort that she is learning to pull herself on to and then at the end slide herself down from. We have many activities of singing and group direction while laying down, rolling over, and sitting up on this table. It seems that we spend a good 45 minutes to an hour in this station.

The funny thing of the day was that when Whitney was encouraged by her conductor to walk she thought she would try a new tactic, manipulation. It was quite interesting to observe. Whitney began to fake cry and said in her cute little voice, "hug, hug" as she grabbed the woman around the neck. It worked for a moment until I told her secret. She is a smart little one.

The day was very draining and Whitney and I took a good nap this afternoon. Fiona is at her grandparents for the week so although the house is too quiet without her constant chatter, I was thankful not to have to worry about her as well. Thanks grandpa and grandma!


Leigh and Andy said...

I'm sure that it is a chore having to blog each night...but I LOVE the updates! :) Whitney is such a little cutie that I too, would have fallen for the "hug" tactic! :) It sounds like you guys are learning so much and that Whitney is doing great! Hang in there, I'm sure that each day will get a bit easier...I hope! :)

Anonymous said...

I the updates! It sounds like it is going well so be following instructions on day 2? WOW! Praying for you this week as you miss Fiona too--glad she has a great place to go and be taken care of. HUGS

ErinM said...

Whitney is so lucky to have this program to go through-- it sounds amazing! I'm sure both of you are learning so much. Thanks for the updates this week-- they are so fun to read!!