September 18, 2009

Day #12

Highlight of the day: Standing alone

Here we are on Thursday already. Today we finished our photo session and tried to get some of the pictures we missed earlier this week. Whitney did very well. We are so blessed to have such a good natured little girl. She loves people. What a great gift that is in this world.

We are working on keeping Whitney's knees straight. We are having her bend at the waist to pick up toys to put up in a bin. She is not too pleased with this as it is a little scary for her. We also had her walk backwards while holding onto a stool trying to keep her knees in a locked position.
It is slow moving but she did very well.

Just to remind you that at this point whenever I say she is standing or walking my hands are constantly on her at all times. Today was one of the few times I released my hands and she stood alone for about 20 seconds.


Leigh and Andy said...

STOOD ALONE!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!! SO excited for you guys!! Whitney is working so hard and it is paying off EVERY SINGLE DAY!! GOOO Whitney!! Keep up the GREAT work!!! :)

ErinM said...

Wow!!!! Whitney is doing awesome. I can definitely understand how a lot of these new skills would be very scary to learn, but with you cheering her on, she has every chance to succeed. Go Whitney and go Susan, too!