September 24, 2009

Day #17

Highlight of the day: Swinging her leg

We have been practicing walking backwards while holding onto a stool for the past few weeks to keep her from collapsing her legs while walking and to keep her legs straight. This involves me moving her legs for her from behind chanting, 'swing, step, swing, step, pull' (the stool). I have developed a habit of just doing it for her and today when the conductor helped her she encouraged Whitney to swing her leg herself and she did it on her left side. Pretty interesting since her left hip is the weak or underdeveloped one.

I am so glad we ended the day an this high note because I was pretty discouraged during the middle of the morning. We have been working on 4 point crawling all month and there has been little improvement. Her thighs are so weak from being in a hip spica cast and the hip brace that her body just can not hold the position for very long. I just have to remember that we had many months of immobilizaton that we are still recovering from.

Tomorrow is our last day! Bittersweet


Anonymous said...

Tomorrow will be bittersweet for sure! Whitney has done so much at the center! I will be praying for your family as you make tough decisions for the future! Many prayers!

CastCooler said...
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