September 14, 2009

Day #9 (half way)

Highlight of the day: learning how to push the chair in front of her

Today started out very well. It is so much better now that we both know the routine of the morning. I almost do not want it to end. We are both enjoying ourselves and the company of our new friends.

Whitney did really well this morning pulling a hand puppet off her foot while keeping the other one straight not both up together. The lying program went well for all 3 kids which helps everyone involved.

We did an excercise today sitting on our stools by the parrallel bars with a laminated duck near thier feet. The goal was to pick up your foot and cover the duck. So, my problem solver put her hands around her thigh and moved her leg with her hands. Although this was pretty cute it also made me realize how little muscle tone she has in her thighs. This was a big eye opener for me since you need to be able to lift up your foot to walk. I am also thankful for this realization and now we know where we can focus our efforts.

During our individual time we worked on strengthening those thighs! We are tying to teach her how to move her legs up and over toys while she is sitting on the ground. Stay tuned for more thigh strengthening ideas...

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ErinM said...

Go Whitney, go Whitney, go Whitney.... You are a such a hard-working little girl! Susan, your descriptions of everything are great-- I can totally picture Whitney doing the exercises. What a fantastic program.