September 16, 2009

Day #11

Highlight of the day: refining tasks

The highlight today is refining. Now that Whitney is used to following direction and knows what she is supposed to do we are trying to get her to do things correctly. Overall it takes a little more concentration on her part and correcting on my part.

Unfortunately, Whitney was a little tired today so we yawned our way through the morning. She did a great job once she relented to following directions. Her individual program consisted of walking with the walker! She was not near as excited as I was. She cried her way through 8-10 steps and we hugged at the end. She was much more comfortable doing her high kneeling, crawling, and going up a few steps. She does like the toy walker better so I may have to keep my eye out for a pretty one. Maybe that will help. (:


Leigh and Andy said...

I am with Whitney...I am crying over her walking!!! Susan, that is SO SO SO SO SO SO SO AMAZING!!!!! All of Whitney's (and your) hard work is paying off! Please give Whitney a big hug for me and let her know that Greyson's mom is SO PROUD of her!!!

Anonymous said...

It is just so very neat to read all about Whitney's progress...and in such a very short time! It's stunning! Praying for your family and little Whitney as you continue this program! :-) Praying the Lord will give her strength and rest as she continues!

ErinM said...

Whitney is amazing! You and she are doing positively fabulous work. I am so impressed and happy for you guys. Give that little girl a great big schnuggle from me!