May 30, 2008

Stats & Shots

Whitney is now 15 lbs and 8 oz which is in the 65th percentile. Her height is 25 3/4 inches which is in the 75th percentile. We are so grateful that her growth is right where it should be. She is ahead a few months cognitively and with her upper motor skills and her legs are obviously behind. So, we have much to be thankful for. The shots went as the first time. I was prepared this time around and it went fine. Thanks for checking up on us.

May 28, 2008

Neruosurgeon Appointment

We had a good report again yesterday at our appointment. Whitney's shunt seems to be operating as it should and he said that we can wait 2 months to see him again. I just love to hear that! When she turns one we will have a CT scan taken to be our base line scan for the future. I mentioned to him that she has been in a growth spurt as of late and has been a little more cranky than normal. He suggested that she may be teething as well and he is right. I was not even looking for that because Fiona's teeth came in so late. They are so different from each other. I think they have conspired together to keep us on our toes.

We see our pediatrician on Friday so I will keep you posted. She is going to receive shots again. We will see how that goes second time around.

May 24, 2008

Progress is seen

We began this 'new' therapy not knowing what to expect and thinking we would try it out. Well we are happy to report that we have already seen some improvment. Much of what we do is stretching and massage. We have also been showing her how to roll over and going through the crawl motion. The first sign of improvment was last week. When she lays on her tummy I bend her knee to stretch her quad muscle and her leg has been like a little wet noodle then one day she began to resist me. It seems that her brain is catching onto the motion and as soon as I feel a hint of muscle reflexion I drop her foot so she can sense cause and affect. I am not sure I explained that very well... The other exciting thing is that she rolled over yesterday. This is important in the fact that we want to keep her on track developmentally and we are so excited about any new 'trick' she has for us.

Fiona Turns Two

We now are proud parents of a 2 year-old. Her birthday was last week Friday on the 16th. We had a wonderful time celebrating with both sides of the family and even a cupcake with Fiona's neighbor friend. She is at such a fun stage of learning to communicate and testing the waters of independence. She continues to be our delightful girl and I think her biggest fan is Whitney. Whitney immediately lights up when Fiona talks to her. We are blessed.