April 16, 2009


Thank you for your prayers yesterday. The two specific requests regarding her kidneys were answered! Her kidney's have been growing at a normal rate and have no apparent scarring from the UTI's. Regarding her past UTI's our urologist is not convinced that they were 'true' UTI's. He showed me the lab results and the bacteria numbers. (I am learning a lot.) Other than the one UTI that she was hospitalized for, the others show 3-4 bacteria where there should only be one present. He suggests that the next time we suspect an infection we go it to have Whitney cathed so that we obtain a true specimen without other bacteria. In order to prevent future infections we will continue to keep her constipation under control, continue probiotics, and add a concentrated cranberry supplement called UNI-Stat.

Her bladder shows no signs of reflux but does show signs of leaking. Her sphincter muscle showed no signs of contracting. He does not have high hopes of her wearing big girl pants but did not say it was impossible. He summarized her as a work in progress and we will see where she is in 6 months time.

We continue to trust in our God, the healer, who is able to do the impossible. Exodus 15:26b " I am the LORD who heals you."

April 13, 2009

15 Months

Her appointment with her orthopaedic doctor went well. It was a little hard to hear that Whitney is behind. Her hip has really slowed her down but I need to remember that it is worth it and she will catch up. The next step we are waiting for is to order standing ankle foot orthosis (AFO's) and a standing board. Basically, special shoes to stand in and a board of sorts with Velcro to hold her in a standing position. We plan to head in this direction once we get the okay from her orthopaedic surgeon. We hear from her again on May 4th. Please join us is praying that her hip develops so that we can move forward from here.

Today we saw the pediatrician for Whitney's 15 month appointment. Here are her latest stats:
Height - 31 inches (80th percentile)
Weight - 20 pounds 14 ounces (25th percentile)
Fiona at 15 months was 3/4 of an inch taller and one pound heavier. I love watching my girls grow and change in their own way. What a delightful gift they are.

Wednesday Whitney will have an afternoon of testing at the hospital for her kidneys and bladder.
1. Ultrasound - test of sound waves to examine the kidneys size and shape as well as the bladder.
2. VCUG - Insert a substance which will outline the size and shape of her bladder by x-ray which will detect reflux.
3. Urodynamics testing (CMG) - Determines how much the bladder will hold and detects abnormal bladder contractions, increased bladder pressure, and assesses sphincter muscle.
Immediately following the tests we will meet with the urologist to review the information.

Out prayer is that her kidneys have not scarred from her frequent urinary tract infections and that they are growing at a healthy rate. Please also pray that we will make the right decision for her care in this area after hearing the test results.

Gracious Advocate

How do you accomplish this for your children? In the last 15 months I continue to learn how to be my children's advocate. Fiona was easy and with Whitney I have to have all of my medical information at the ready. My mind is in constant filing mode as I need to remember appointments and information. Last week I realized that I had not heard back from one of Whitney's doctors. The receptionist forgot about rescheduling her. "You forgot my child?!" Is what I thought in my head, as my inner mother lion roared. I did not say that but responded firmly insisting that they fit her in quickly. I can now only hope I handled it correctly. I am so thankful that I have the time and energy to deal with these things and I just need to remember that we are her number one advocate and yes, mistakes will happen and that is what I am here for. I just need to be gracious.