October 26, 2007

Spontanious Gift

Matt came home the other day with an opportunity to go to the Florida Keys for a week. Someone else from Matt's work was supposed to go and last minute was not able to. Fortunately, Matt's schedule is not packed since he cleared it for the possibility of being in PA for awhile. Matt asked if I could come and so Fiona and I are going along for the ride. I am still shocked over this opportunity because it is nothing we sought out. It just fell into our laps and here we go. This is a blessing and perfect timing before the holidays and Whitney's arrival. It is amazing to me all that God has and is providing for us. I am overwhelmed with the knowledge that He knows my every need.


ljbrouwer said...

Yeah! What fun. We will pray for a relaxing time for you. It is amazing how God provides.
Praying for you daily,
The Brouwers

Anonymous said...

Wow! That sounds really fun! Enjoy yourselves and relax- Wonder if it's still nice in Florida? Our God really is amazing with His many overwhelming blessings at times. All the more to praise Him with!

Love in Christ,
Laura Wiese

DAD said...

"How can you think about Florida with winter coming on," asked your dad with envy? Wish that I were going, too!

This is a wonderful opportunity and at an opportune time for all three of you. Kathy & I hope that you will have a great time. We certainly have many causes to give praise!

Anonymous said...

Go in peace and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! God will take care of the rest.

Melody said...

Yippeee and YAHHOOOO!!! Not sure when you are leaving and coming home but we will be praying for a safe and RELAXING vacation. What a blessing from above. May you continue to praise Him in all circumstances. We will continue to lift you up to Him for your needs to be met.
In Christs love,
Melody Timmerman

Anonymous said...

When are you leaving? Where exactly are you going? Hope you have a nice enjoyable and warm trip.

Peter & Kristi said...

Hope you have a great trip at the Florida Keys. How providential for the trip to come after you have been dealing with so much.

Thank you for your posts and taking the time to keep people so well informed, as well as providing a powerful testimony of a life lived under and in Christ. Godspeed to you on the journey ahead. Our prayers are with you--
Kristi Hofman, Angie (Kroeze) Glass's sister


The Lord's presence
with you today
is your rest--
He is the Guardian to keep you,
the Shade to cover you,
the Shield to protect you,
and the Warrior to defend you.
He is before you as your Guide,
He is behind you as your Guard,
and He is beside you as your Friend.
He is around you as your Shelter,
He is above you as your Watchman,
and He is underneath you as your Foundation.
He is with you,
He is for you,
and He lives within you.
He is the Peace that keeps you,
the Song that fills you,
and the Love that holds you
through every moment of the day.

--Roy Lessin