October 5, 2007

Day 2

What a day. It was filled with information, meetings, and emotions. I feel like I am still pulling myself together and it is 10:30 PM. Yesterday we had all of our tests and today we spoke with all of the surgeons about the results of those tests. We were able to meet with them one on one and pepper them with questions for hours. What a blessing it is to be able to meet with the most knowledgeable doctors for spina bifida in the nation. There was a lot of information that was confirmed for us and more details and specifics were given. This is such a difficult decision and I wish there was a 'fix' for everything but realistically there is not. The battle is long and up hill no matter which avenue we go down. It is comforting to know that God already knows where we are going today and in 5 years. Please continue to pray for us this weekend as we sit down together and weigh out all the information before us.

Tonight we were thankfully able to end the day on a good note. We went out to a restaurant and spoiled ourselves with the most delightful food. It was a wonderful dinner with great company. ;)

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