October 3, 2007

Ronald McDonald House

We made it! We started the day in a rush to get Fiona to our Pastor's home and then headed to the airport. Our flights were uneventful and we arrived here on time. We decided to rent a car and after only 1 wrong turn we found the Ronald House. Thankfully it is right next door to the Police Department and it is also just a few miles from Rutgers University. Matt and I are still recovering from our shock after the tour of this house. You walk in and there is this huge community kitchen with probably 6 refrigerators lined up. 2 are for everyone and then there are the ones labeled by room that you can put your own food in. There are also 4 cupboards filled with food including Pop Tarts that I have been craving. (: There is a play room, living room and dining room on the main floor. Then we went up to our room that has 3 twin beds and 1 double. It is a very large room with a separate bathroom. We also have a lounge and laundry room on our floor with detergent provided! Everything is very clean and amazingly well kept as they are celebrating 24 years tomorrow. We are very blessed to be able to be here in such a wonderful and friendly home.

Our first appointment at CHOP tomorrow is at 8 AM. We will keep you all posted. Thank you for praying us through our travel today. Oh, and Fiona is doing great. (: She is settling right on in and to my understanding is quite entertained by the 2 Miller children. I am so thankful that she is being well taken care of and adjusting well.


Anonymous said...

Matt & Susan,
You guys have been on my mind alot today as I knew it was travel day! We are thankful you arrived safe and feel very comfortable by all your surroundings there. It sounds like a very nice place to stay! We are continuing to pray that God will give you the wisdom and a complete peace about your upcoming decisions. GOD BLESS!

Love, Ryan, Beth, and Luke Bultman

P.S. I am so glad to hear Fiona is doing well also! She will be VERY well cared for!

Anonymous said...

Mom & I continue to pray for you and are thankful that the Ronald House can provide so well. We are glad the Fiona has a good place and know that you miss her already. Our prayers today are focused on you and the tests being done today and tomorrow. What Grace God gives that is so sufficient that it meets our needs, every day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt and Susie ( you will always be Susie to me, like it or not) I just want you to know I am praying for you and Whitney. I am glad that Fiona is in a good place and you feel good about that.
I will keep Mom updated from your Blog.
Keep the Faith,
Aunt Mary

Anita said...

Matt & Susan,
It's great to hear you arrived safely and that the house was more than you expected. We continue to pray for you all. God bless you and keep you.

Anita (Hope Church)

Melissa said...

So glad to hear that you made it safely there and that the Ronald McDonald house is so well equipped and clean! Also glad to hear that my adorable niece is doing well and being entertained so well by the Miller's. I told you that she would learn a new thing or two!!! :-)