November 6, 2007

Florida Keys

I know many of you are wondering how our trip was and it was wonderful. The flights were all as scheduled and Fiona did great. She slept on the way down and on the way home we sat next to a very nice man who held and played with Fiona for the last hour of our flight. Fiona was having the time of her life playing with the new 'toys' he had with him such as a golf ball and breath freshener. It is amazing what can entertain children. I buy these fancy new toys for the trip and she is more interested in playing with our plane ticket stub.

The weather was better than we expected. There was a 50% chance of rain each day with wind from NOEL coming in, however, it was sunny every day and rained at night. We were very blessed and Fiona and I spent many hours by the pool. We tried to go to the beach but it was pretty dirty and I thought that the beach volleyball court and pool were a better fit for us. We also went to the aquarium and a butterfly museum during the week. The butterflies were amazing and it was fun to watch Fiona point at all of them and attempt to grab a few.

Overall it was a wonderful gift. Thank you for praying for our safe return.

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