October 1, 2007

Do we rent a car?

Now we get to sweat the important stuff like, should we dispense with the cabs and rent a car? They haven't figured out if we are going to stay at the Ronald McDonald's house in Camden or in the Sheraton Inn a few blocks from CHOP. Obviously, we won't need to drive to CHOP if we're at the Sheraton, and it will be easier to go site-seeing on Saturday. On the other hand, we will be more than 10 miles from the church we hope to worship with on Sunday.

With a little help from my uncle and his minister, we've found a church to worship with on Sunday. Immanuel Orthodox Presbyterian in Bellmawr, New Jersey. It looks like it's a little southeast of Philly on the better side of the Delaware River. I'm trying to find out if there is bus service from Camden and/or the University of Pennsylvannia to Bellmawr. If not, we either have to hail a cab or rent a car.

Anyone know how good/safe public transportation is in Philly? Is it safe to take public transportation from Camden? Is it safe to park in Camden?


Tom and Roberta said...

Matt and Susan--Thank you for your diligent postings, and please know what a blessing it is for those who truly care and want to be involved, yet don't want to add more burden to you, to be able to read and stay abreast of your situation. It allows for very specific prayers.

Please know that you both, Whitney, and Fiona will be in our deepest prayers as you travel to Phil. and wrestle with many decisions. God be with you.

Anonymous said...

Matt and Susan: I have a few contacts in Philly. I was told to inform you to stay away from Camden. High crime rate.

I will continue to pray for you, Susan, Fiona, whitney and the doctors caring for you so that they may be sensitive to your decisions and feelings.

Your neighbor...

Anonymous said...

Stick to taking a cab. CHOP reimburses your travel expense. As far as a church, we highly recommend the following:

Anonymous said...

We meant to say MOP pays all your expenses, so that is why we highly recomment taking cabs.
"all travel, lodging and meal costs will be covered by the study."

Anonymous said...

make that MOMS......not a good day here.