October 2, 2007

Whitney's Stats

Whitney had another ultrasound yesterday. She is now 1 lbs and 9 oz which puts her at 55% for being 24 weeks old. In other words her growth is very normal! We found out it is very common for Spina bifida babies to have club feet but her feet are looking straight so far. We also know that she has no additional chromosomal issues so we are thankful for this overall good report. On the other hand her hydrocephalus is increasing. They first measured the fluid in her brain at 14 and now at 17. This was alarming to me but my Doctor was not surprised and said that an increase is exspected. (I am still concerned.)

I should get back to the packing... I love to pack.

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Anonymous said...

Praying that God would give you all that you need in this difficult time. May it give you peace that He Is Emmanuel!