September 30, 2007


We received confirmation that we will be flying to Philadelphia on Wednesday. If we are approved for the study, we will have to let CHOP know on Monday whether we are willing to be part of the study. If we opt in and are placed in the surgery group, we will have the surgery on Tuesday, the Lord willing. Please pray that the Lord will make His will for us plainly evident--my biggest fear is going into Monday not knowing whether we should go for the surgery.

Fiona will be staying with our pastor's family while we are gone. If we have the surgery, I'll either fly back several days later to pack up and take her with us to Philadelphia or my folks will drive her out. Please pray that the Lord will give Fiona peace in our absence.

For the next few days, we've got a lot of packing and planning to do--I am trying to forget just how much we have to do yet. Not only do we need clothes for know, but we have to be prepared to stay in Philly as the weather gets colder. We also have to make sure that our house is taken care of here while we're gone--the mail, stop the paper, the leaves, the snow, put in the storm windows, rip out the dead annuals, trim down the perennials, cover the hydrangas, set up timers for the lights--we thank the Lord for good neighbors and family who has volunteered to help out.


Anonymous said...

Matt & Susan,
We hope and pray the Lord will grant you all you need as you prepare for this big trip. Also that the Lord will show you what you both should do concerning the surgery.....the Lord does work in such mysterious ways! Wishing you all the comfort and peace only the Lord can give you all at this time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you... Also HAPPY 30th Susan !!!lots of love Aunt Hennie and Uncle Ted

Melody said...

O.K. I am confident you have a ton to do before you leave on Wednesday. What can I do? Are you all set? I am glad to hear that Fiona will be in good hands while you are away. I already have a "care package" started for a birthday of someone that is not going to be able to here...just need an ADDRESS!!!
Now, regarding the surgery in possibly a week from today. I will pray FERVENTLY for the Lord to show His direction in what His will is in this area. I know you both will lean on His direction for your family. I will pray that you are given the opportunity to make this decision, and if not then it was out of your control to have to make that decision. God has this ALL planned out. Just carry out His plan Matt and Susan. His name is already being glorified and trusted by so many because of all the prayers being offered up to Him on behalf of Whitney. We will pray for strength for the both of you as you prepare for this trip.
In Christs love,
Melody Timmerman

Bonnie and Jim Gordon said...

Dear Susan, Matt, Fiona & Whitney,
We are praying God's perfect peace...asking that He will pour out His love and grace to each of you! The Lord is going before you, preparing a way for you. We are trusting in His wisdom as you look to Him and seek His counsel. He will make it known to you :) Love,
Bonnie and Jim Gordon