December 7, 2009

Last Week

I missed updating you all last week so I thought I would back track to update you and then tell you about today. Last week was a little tough and I think part of it was my attitude and not looking for a 'highlight' to share with all of you. So, I have recommitted myself for this week and next.

Day 1 (last Tuesday, December 1)
The day was a bit hectic. Whitney was the only returning student for the parent and child program so details needed to be figured out as to which potty was whose and how the order of the morning was going to flow best. There are 3 other children in Whitney's class, 2 boys who are almost 10 months old and one girl who is a little younger than Whitney and is her 'partner' for all intensive purposes.

Day 2
Daddy day! I took Fiona to BSF for the morning while Matt had the opportunity to take Whitney. He was able to see first hand what we are working on and doing. I am very thankful he was willing to take the day off to do this and now when I describe things he can understand a bit better. I think the morning seemed to go well. The other moms and our conductor are still talking about Whitney's daddy!

Day 3
Whitney woke up with a fever so I took her right to the doctor. Matt was able to bring Fiona to my sister-in-laws which made it possible for us to still make it to CLC on time. She has another urinary tract infection (UTI) so we started antibiotics and tylenol and tried to get some therapy in. Looking back it was a very unproductive day and I should have just taken her home but we survived the morning and they did not kick us out! She cried for the majority of the 3 hours...It was not a good day. So, I left there feeling like it was a failure and all sorts on negative thoughts assailed me. An afternoon of crying a bit, a good nap for Whitney, and we were on the mend.

Day 4
A providential snow day! I can not tell you how thrilled I was.

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