December 10, 2009

Day 8

Highlight- success!

It worked! Today we had to have a few sideline conversations about being nice and listening to Miss Andrea but it went really well and I would even say productive. Are we turning a corner? Unfortunately, there are only 6 more classes left in this session to prove it!

She stood up and down very well today and followed instruction during the lying program. She did very well moving her knees a little during 4-point crawling. She worked on kicking the ball in a standing position and tolerated me doing the swinging of her leg for her while she stood holding onto the parallel bar. I think we were both enjoying ourselves again. We are also working on mommy leaving the room a few times during the morning and this seemed to go well too (as I was peaking around the corner).

Hopefully, tomorrow goes well so my mind can rest easy over the weekend.

Fiona is doing okay through all of this. She is enjoying playing with new friends but is not enjoying going somewhere new everyday. I hope it is building character. She misses her routine and her 'people'. I am looking forward to giving her some 1 on 1 time this weekend. Thank you to all of you who have stepped up to fill in the days of child care. We would not be able to do this without you.

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