December 14, 2009

Day 10

Someone asked me yesterday, "day 7 of what?" Great question. So, here is a brief update for you if you are just joining us. We are currently attending The Conductive Learning Center for a 3 week session. Since Whitney is still quite young they have a Parent & Child session. This means that I attend this therapy class with her every morning from 9-12. It keeps our life hopping especially in December.

Highlight: alternate crawling

So, today was a picture day for Whitney. She did not want to follow direction that much during the lying program. She knew she had the power. Thankfully, she really likes the photographer man. Her physical therapist from the Early On program came to observe today which added another set of eyes for the day. The room was quite full.

The individual time went really well and we had a 'first'. As I have mentioned before we have been working on shifting her weight. When she crawls it is more of a commando crawl with pulling both knees up under her at the same time. So, as you can guess we have been working to try to teach her to alternate her legs. She was in 4 point kneeling, with my hand under her chest helping her to shift, and she moved her knees one at a time! More than once too. It was a great day for pictures as we captured this moment on camera. She probably went about 20 feet in all alternating as she went, not all at the same time but in 6 feet increments.

Whitney starred in her first Christmas play today. She had a very small part but handled being up front without me quite well. She stood up while holding onto the table for a minute and said 'baby' very softly. Then she sat by a few of her spina bifida friends. One of the boys, who is 3, was sitting in between Whitney and another little girl rubbing their backs. It was super cute! Fiona and I came to watch along with her Aunt Ainslie and cousin Kellen.

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Amanda said...

I'm getting caught up on your blog...Whitney's first Christmas play--how adorable! :)