December 10, 2009

Day 7

Highlight - intervention

Today was a bit rough for us. Matt pointed out that we seem to be in a cycle here. I spoke with Whitney's conductor about the change in attitude Whitney has taken this month to discuss possible reasons: teething, UTI, close to turning two. This made me start to problem solve a bit. She is just not acting herself lately. So, I spoke with Matt about it after I came to the conclusion that I think she is pushing my buttons and manipulating me with her crying to see what I will do. We sat the little girl down, sent big sister off to play, and had a little intervention. She is quite smart and knew what we were talking about. Her eyes were little saucers as she listened. She signed sorry to me and gave me a kiss at the end.

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Amanda said...

Wow! Thanks for all your updates, Suz! I didn't know you had such a busy month with these intense classes! I'm glad that Whitney (and mom) have good attitudes now and that things are going well! Almost-two year olds are smart, huh!? You all are in my prayers!