December 16, 2009

Day 12

Highlight: Standing alone in between the parallel bars

The morning began with our parent and teacher/conductor conference. Matt was able to join us for this as well. It was interesting hearing her perspective of how Whitney was doing physically and emotionally. They always do a nice job of encouraging the parents and child. I have to say that this is always appreciated. (: We talked about how she is accepting new things much better than she was in September and also that she has a hard time not being distracted. I do not remember everything but it was good overall. We also talked about our plan for 2010. Matt and I still need to make a decision but we will not be going daily in January as we first thought. She is not quite ready and the class in January will not be the best setting for her to start out in.

The day progressed well. There was an open house for Aquinas College students to come and observe for a bit today. CLC has a relationship with them in which students are able to major in Conductive Ed. So, there were a few more things going on in the room today. We worked on the same things as I mentioned yesterday besides the walker but it is encouraging to be progressing in that direction. The new thing was that she held herself standing in between the parallel bars! Don't worry, our hands were inches away, but they did manage to snap a photo to prove it.

2 more days...

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