December 11, 2009

Day 9

Highlight- Shifting weight

Thank you for thinking of us today. It was another day of cooperation from little Whitney girl. (: Today we worked on our posture for awhile. We also worked on playing with a few toys with our feet, pushing buttons etc. This was a great way to incorporate a fun reward. Lifting her foot should also help strengthen her hip muscles.

Many of the tasks we work on throughout the individual program have to do with shifting weight so that some day when she walks she will already have learned this skill. I am enjoying how they are teaching her this valuable skill through many different ways and positions. We are working on this sitting on the ground, on a stool, and while standing.

I can not believe next week is our last week of the parent and child program. The first week was a little long and this week flew by. I anticipate next week to be interesting with trying to get pictures of all of the kids and we will have conferences as well. I am looking forward to telling you how that goes.

Enjoy the weekend.

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ErinM said...

Susan, I absolutely love to read these updates! It is so wonderful to know that Whitney has this great program to help her develop to the best of her abilities. You and Whitney are both going great and learning a lot, it sounds! Good job!!!!