September 23, 2007

Pediatric Neurosurgeon Visit

Another of our many appointments that we have had the last few weeks. This doctor would do the surgery on Whitney should we decide to stay here. His name is Dr. Stanly Skarli and a partner with Dr. Foody. They are connected with the DeVos Children's Hospital and come highly recommended. The first surgery she will have will be to cover the exposed part of her spinal cord in the first fews days after birth. We also learned that there is a strong likelihood that Whitney will need a shunt at some point due to her hydrocephalus. We were thankful for his straightforwardness with us but also obviously disappointed. (Shunts drain fluid off the brain) We learned that once a shunt is surgically implanted that you will need one for life. Also, that they need to be switched periodically for adjustments (child grows out of them), infections, malfunctions, and other complications. It looks as though our little one has many surgeries in her future.

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