September 23, 2007

Dr. Visit

Our OB doctor has refered us to a perinatologist or what you may call a high risk pregnancy Doctor. His name is Dr. Asad Sheikh (pronounced Shake). He is in the same office as Zuidema, Cook, etc. Little did we know that our first appoinment there would last almost 5 hours! What an emotionally exausting day. First we had a constulation and it was confirming to hear that we had done our research well. Next we had a 1 1/2 ultrasound where they checked every square inch of her to look for other related defects. We were relieved that they did not find any additonal issues. We also learned that Whitney's Spina Bifida is from L3-S1, low back, and they measured her hydrocephalus to record and track its progress. Hydrocephalus is extra spinal fluid traped in the brain. (Matt's post is much more detailed if you are thirsting for more) We left there tired but encouraged that we have a well qualified Doctor to work with.

Our next visit was for amniocentisis. Amniocetisis is when they stick a large needle in your stomoach to collect some amniotic fluid to test. The fluid is filled with the baby's chromosomes whick is quite interesting. No, they do not give you pain medication or anything. I describe it like the shot you get from the dentist that lasts about 4 seconds except this one lasts for at least 5 minuites! This is when we found out that we are having a girl and also that they have found no other abnormalities in her chromosomes. This is just another praise to add to the long list.

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