September 24, 2007

CHOP update

The date for our consultation is now scheduled for October 4th, 5th, and 8th. We will fly out on the 3rd, Wednesday, and begin testing on the 4th.

2 hour ultrasound
1 hour MRI for Whitney
20 minute Fetal Ecocardiogram
1 hour session with a Social Worker

Consults with all Physicians
Surgeon who will do the c-section
High Risk Obstetrician
Nurse Practitioner
Genetic Counselor
Neonatalogist (in case Whitney is premature)
Tour the NICU
This will definitely be a birthday to remember for me!

Then on Monday we will meet with the Neurosurgeon, make our decision and if we decide to go ahead then wait for them to tell us what test group we will be in. This is decided by a randomized computer as to which group we will be in. We know that ultimately God is in control of this decision although there is still a good amount of stress involved. We need to prepare for the long haul not knowing what is ahead of us.

Does anyone know how to pack for 3 months?


Melody Timmerman said...

First, No I have no idea how to pack for 3 months..but I know you are resourceful and will figure it out. Hopefully you will not be far from a washer and dryer and that makes things SO much easier! WOW what a blog! So much written to read about. I can only IMAGINE what you and Matt are going thru. You will stay in our DAILY prayers for healing for Whitney, for strength for both of you, for patience for Fiona as she sees things changing and does not understand, for peace in knowing that the Lord has ALL things worked out already, for ability to praise God in all these circumstances, for not everyone to always talk to you about I love that name and it is soooo real now!! I love that part!! Well, I am going to try and read up with you on this blog daily. Keep up your spirits. Keep up your faith, for it will get you thru all of it. Keep loving each other and communicating as you do. "Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart..." Psalm 31:24

Anonymous said...

Wow, this blog is a wonderful idea! It's so nice to be able to get your updates and to know how to pray for you. You have a lot to take in but isn't it comforting to know the Lord is going before you and will never leave you or forsake you? We love you guys. Love, Cindy