October 22, 2009

The Hip is Developing

I am glad to report that Whitney's left hip is continuing to grow and develop. What a relief! The cartilage, which will later turn to bone, is half the size of her right but it is coming along quite nicely. We were told to continue 12 hour a day bracing for the next six months and then we will check to see if we can begin weening her from her brace. We also need to get a new brace as our current one is getting a little snug and has seen better days.

Did I tell you that our urologist said it was a good sign that she is getting so many UTI's? I had to remind myself of this as we went into the doctor on Monday to confirm my suspicions of yet another one.

Conductive learning therapy went well today. Her girlfriend was there which always helps to motivate. Whitney is becoming more aware of her feet which is fun to see. It is very normal for kids with spina bifida to forget thier feet when doing daily tasks simply because they do not feel them. So, we constantly draw attention to her feet to remind her of their existence. It may be working. (: She is also doing very well learning to kick her legs both while sitting and laying down. It is such a joy to watch her learn both cognitively and physically.


Becky said...

So glad to hear of the positive reports but sorry to hear that Whitney once again has to experience another UTI. Hopefully since you caught it early she will get some relief soon. Love reading the encouraging updates- Keep up the good work Whitney! The Verduin's

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to read this update! Praying that her UTI will clear up fast--I imagine it is VERY difficult to find that a good thing! HUGS!

hennie said...

Wow,you and Matt sure have been busy with little Whitney. So Thankful there are hospitals that have this special care for children suffering with spinal bifida. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you all! As you both help Whitney with her daily needs. Also give our love to Fiona! Love Aunt Hennie and Uncle Ted