October 15, 2009


Last Monday we had a check up for Whitney's eyes. She did not enjoy getting her eyes dilated but everything looked very good. She said that we do not need to come back until Whitney is 4! We are so thankful that these specialist appointments are getting further apart.

This Monday we saw the urologist. We had an ultrasound for her kidneys and bladder. He said that her kidneys are growing at a steady rate. I told him our potty routine and he was very encouraging. He said to continue what we are doing and that she is doing much better than he would have projected for her. He also encouraged me that it is a positive thing that she is getting frequent UTI's because it proves that her bladder is able to hold urine. He thinks that she may leak a bit but when she is older we may be able to go on medication to help with this. The only new part of our plan is that the next time she gets a UTI we will go on antibiotics for 30 days instead of 10 to ensure that the bladder has had a chance to heal. We will have another follow up appointment and ultrasound in 9 months.

Conductive Learning Center has gone well the past two weeks. Whitney is currently cutting 3 molars at once so she is a little crabby. We are continuing to build on what we learned in September and increasing in stamina. I also spoke to them about her urology appoinment since part of what we work on at CLC is potty training. They were very encouraged as well. We also talked about an exercise we can work on to strengthen her bladder muscles.

Next Monday we have an appoinment with orthopaedics to have an x ray of her hip. I have to admit I am a little apprehensive. Please continue to pray that the hip has grown over the past months so that we are able to continue therapy and move forward.


Anonymous said...

We will be praying that Whitney's orthopedic appointment will go well! I am glad the appt.s are getting further apart for you guys! Praying for you as you continue to wait upon the Lord each day!

Kari said...

just wanted you to know im following your blog now. i have a three year old little boy named toby with spina bifida. www.raisingtoby.blogspot.com