April 16, 2009


Thank you for your prayers yesterday. The two specific requests regarding her kidneys were answered! Her kidney's have been growing at a normal rate and have no apparent scarring from the UTI's. Regarding her past UTI's our urologist is not convinced that they were 'true' UTI's. He showed me the lab results and the bacteria numbers. (I am learning a lot.) Other than the one UTI that she was hospitalized for, the others show 3-4 bacteria where there should only be one present. He suggests that the next time we suspect an infection we go it to have Whitney cathed so that we obtain a true specimen without other bacteria. In order to prevent future infections we will continue to keep her constipation under control, continue probiotics, and add a concentrated cranberry supplement called UNI-Stat.

Her bladder shows no signs of reflux but does show signs of leaking. Her sphincter muscle showed no signs of contracting. He does not have high hopes of her wearing big girl pants but did not say it was impossible. He summarized her as a work in progress and we will see where she is in 6 months time.

We continue to trust in our God, the healer, who is able to do the impossible. Exodus 15:26b " I am the LORD who heals you."


Anonymous said...

Praising God with you for the wonderful news about Whitney's kidneys! We will continue to pray with you about these concerns that surely must seem overwhelming at times. Our thoughts and prayers are with you always!
Love in Him,
The Wiese Family

Trinity Sue Arthur said...

So glad to hear that things went good with the Urologist! Just wondering if the cranberry supplement is prescribed or something you can get at the store? They took Trinity off of Bactrim for her bladder because she hasn't had any UTI's for almost a year and they felt like she was voiding on her own, but I am still a little nervous that she could get an infection. Hope everything else is going good!
The Arthur's

Kara said...

Hello Nelsons! I finally have an account so I can leave you notes as we read about your family's journey. :) We are so awed by God's hand over your lives. Please continue to share!
Kevin, Kara, and Maggie