May 4, 2009

8 Hours

We received some great news today on Whitney's hip growth. The doctor was optimistic about her progress. First she said we could take the brace off for therapy only. Matt asked if we could have a total of 3 hours off a day. She paused and after further examination said that we could have 8 hours! We were shocked. The goal is to get to 12 hours a day but what a great place to start. She did say that we need to see her in 4 weeks to check on how it is doing. If the growth is declining then we will need to increase the time in the brace. Thank you for your continued prayers.

This Thursday we will pick up her standing shoes (AFO's). It is so exciting to be progressing forward again. I already have phone calls in to get her back into therapy. I hope Whitney is as excited as we are!


Laura Wiese said...

WOW what wonderful news! 8 hours a day! Praising God with you for the wonderful news and praying that the hip growth will continue to go so well! Hugs and Prayers!
Love in Him,

ErinM said...

Yay, Whitney! Way to develop that hip! Keep up the good work. You are one tough little girl! :)

The Wolters said...

This is all great and encouraging news. Praise God!!

the deKorne family said...

I am so happy to hear that! Praying that it continues to develop perfectly. I was thinking of you yesterday! Kara and I ran into your college roommate at Starbucks this morning. :) Have a great week!

Fisher Family said...

I am a father of a daughter with spina bifida who just turned 3. Reading some of your blogs definitely struck home (especially the constant UTI's). Just wanted to say you've got a beautiful family and I hope things keep going well for your girl. Our daughter's 3rd year of life definitely has not been as "eventful" as the first two. If you care to visit our blog and ask any questions, it is