April 13, 2009

15 Months

Her appointment with her orthopaedic doctor went well. It was a little hard to hear that Whitney is behind. Her hip has really slowed her down but I need to remember that it is worth it and she will catch up. The next step we are waiting for is to order standing ankle foot orthosis (AFO's) and a standing board. Basically, special shoes to stand in and a board of sorts with Velcro to hold her in a standing position. We plan to head in this direction once we get the okay from her orthopaedic surgeon. We hear from her again on May 4th. Please join us is praying that her hip develops so that we can move forward from here.

Today we saw the pediatrician for Whitney's 15 month appointment. Here are her latest stats:
Height - 31 inches (80th percentile)
Weight - 20 pounds 14 ounces (25th percentile)
Fiona at 15 months was 3/4 of an inch taller and one pound heavier. I love watching my girls grow and change in their own way. What a delightful gift they are.

Wednesday Whitney will have an afternoon of testing at the hospital for her kidneys and bladder.
1. Ultrasound - test of sound waves to examine the kidneys size and shape as well as the bladder.
2. VCUG - Insert a substance which will outline the size and shape of her bladder by x-ray which will detect reflux.
3. Urodynamics testing (CMG) - Determines how much the bladder will hold and detects abnormal bladder contractions, increased bladder pressure, and assesses sphincter muscle.
Immediately following the tests we will meet with the urologist to review the information.

Out prayer is that her kidneys have not scarred from her frequent urinary tract infections and that they are growing at a healthy rate. Please also pray that we will make the right decision for her care in this area after hearing the test results.


Becky said...

Praying that everything will go smoothly on Wednesday as you have another day of testing and that you will get answers to your many questions and that you will see God's hand guiding you in whatever decisions need to be made. With love & prayers- VJ & Becky Verduin & family

Anonymous said...

It is so good to hear an update! I am with you on the blessing of watching each of your children grow so differently! It's wonderful :) Praying for you as you make decisions this week!