April 13, 2009

Gracious Advocate

How do you accomplish this for your children? In the last 15 months I continue to learn how to be my children's advocate. Fiona was easy and with Whitney I have to have all of my medical information at the ready. My mind is in constant filing mode as I need to remember appointments and information. Last week I realized that I had not heard back from one of Whitney's doctors. The receptionist forgot about rescheduling her. "You forgot my child?!" Is what I thought in my head, as my inner mother lion roared. I did not say that but responded firmly insisting that they fit her in quickly. I can now only hope I handled it correctly. I am so thankful that I have the time and energy to deal with these things and I just need to remember that we are her number one advocate and yes, mistakes will happen and that is what I am here for. I just need to be gracious.


kathy said...

You have done and are doing a wonderful work at keeping everything together as attested by the fact of how well both Whitney and Fiona and growing and turning into such sweet little girls. We ar not prejudiced! Love their Grandpa and Grandma Nelson.

Elisabeth said...

Hi Susan-
I have looked on your blog from time to time, since learning that our daughter (born in July) had spina bifida. I loved this post- the constant struggle to be our kids' gracious advocates is one of the many unexpected challenges and gifts of parenting, especially our very special ones with special needs. I'm with you.
Elisabeth Iribe

Anonymous said...

You're doing an awesome job Susan! It must be so tough to always have appointments running through your head- I am sure you were gracious as could be!