January 1, 2009


We thought that we'd start the year with a recap of last year (or at least through October) in pictures.

Whitney, a few days after coming home

1.5 months


Fiona & Whitney

3 months

Fiona "washing" dishes

4 months

6 months

7 months

Before surgery on her hip

The cast

From another angle

With Great-Grandma


Becky said...

Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing your adorable girls with us :) We continue to praise and thank God for all of the progress that Whitney has made over the last year and we pray that He will continue to bless her as she grows into the beautiful young lady He wants her to be. Thanks for letting us be apart of her life & yours by sharing your ups and downs in this journey. Can't wait to see how God continues to do miracles in her in 2009. With love and prayers- VJ & Becky Verduin & Family

Chris'n'Timmy said...

Hey guys - I am looking at your pictures as they progress with Whitney's growth - and I am overwhelmed with how faithful God has proven to be for you and your family. He has taken you through such a storm, and brought you safe out on the other side. Where a 18 or so months ago you did not even know she would survive, now you have a beautiful girl with a spectacular smile! How good is that? blessings to you in 2009!

ErinM said...

Best post ever!!!! Whit and Fifi are so adorable. Give them both huge hugs from me & Andrew!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family :) Thinking of you and praying for your family