December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas

I can hardly believe it is the end of the year! We have been so spoiled not to have any appointments, tests, or surgeries during this holiday season. We are so thankful. Both girls have enjoyed thier new toys and it has been fun watching them play together.

Whitney is doing great although a little crabby from teething. Still no teeth and her 1st birthday is next Wednesday! Our constant daily battle is her constipation issue. I need to assist her with her bowel movements more times than not. We will have her one-year appointment with the pediatritian next week so I will inquire more of what can be done for the present and future. She sits up very well on her own, can hold herself up on her knees with her arms locked and can move backwards when she is on her tummy. These are all exciting things for us. We continue to massage her legs and feet a few times a day to help increase her circulation.

Brace- She continues to wear her brace full-time. We have an appointment in the beginning of February to check how her hip is progressing. Please continue to pray that it is growing sufficiently enough that we can go to part-time wear. This would enable her to go back to a more intensive therapy.

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