January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Whitney

Whitney turned one this week! Fiona continues to remind me that she is two and Whitney is one. It makes me think twice. They are both a delight and are very happy together. We celebrated with Matt's family enjoying cake and presents together. They were both excited about their new red wagon and yes, I gave Whitney a little frosting.

We started the year with another urinary tract infection (UTI). This is her third so far. Thankfully I suspected something before it got too bad. I was fearing that we would end up in the hospital again. We just finished one round of antibiotics and will start another for the next 6 weeks. This should enable the bladder to heal and prevent another one from forming soon. We also went to the pediatrician today. She mentioned that Whtiney's constipation may be contributing to the frequent UTI's. She prescribed a laxative and fiber for her. We will start that today and hope for good results.

Whitney's latest stats: 85th percentile for height (30 1/4") and 60th percentile for weight (21lbs-4 oz). Looking good.

We have an MRI scheduled for next Wednesday. Please pray that the sedation goes well. Specifically that they are able to get the IV in as she is a hard poke. Also, that it shows her Chiari II malformation is not hindering the flow of spinal fluid, that her shunt is continuing to preform correctly, and that her spine is not becoming tethered. We are thankful for all of you.


Anonymous said...

who is her dr. ? There are many specialist all over the US. Your family is lovely

ErinM said...

Happy birthday, Whitney!!! What an eventful year it has been. Fifi and Whit are the cutest little sisters around.

The Wolters' said...

Happy Birthday to Whitney and so happy that Fiona is two!! :) Love you all and we pray for you daily. Praying that Whitney does well with her MRI and test results turn out positive.

Nicolas said...

Hello !

I just write a little post about your family on a french blog...

... and happy birthday from France to Whitney ;-)


Patricia said...

Happy birthday to you Withney. You are very beautiful !
you have a nice smile filled with happiness
Good year to you !