January 16, 2009

MRI results

Wednesday afternoon we brought Whitney to the hospital for the MRI. We were placed in our own room and were told they were going to do a oral sedation. We were immediately thankful that she would not need an IV. The nurse let me give Whitney the syringe of sleeping fluid. I was thankful for this because for some reason, as the mom, I think I can do it better than the nurse. (: Then we turned the lights off and she was sopossed to just fall asleep within 15 minutes or so. She eventually fell asleep, woke up and fell asleep again. Matt and I went off to get a little food with pager in hand. She was supposed to sleep an additional 2 hours after the MRI to sleep off the affects of the medication. However, when we arrived back in our room Whitney was already awake. She proceeded to be fussy until bedtime. I am so glad that this behavior is unusual for her.

Thursday we went to the doctors office for the results. Her Chiari II is obviously present. It looks as though her spinal cord doubles over itself near the base of her neck. Very interesting to see. Since we have not experienced any symptoms or problems we do not treat it. Symptoms would include difficulty breathing or swallowing. There are a few other abnormalities in her brain but all of it is common for spina bifida patients. This was great to hear. I learned that all of spina bifida patients have a tethered spine but once again if there are no symptoms then we do not treat it. Issues may occur during large growth spurts. Such as when she is 3-4 and 11-12 years of age. So, we will worry about that later. Her shunt looks like it is operating wonderfully.

Thank you all for praying for Whitney. We are so thankful that the results were all positive. The next thing up ahead is February 2 when we see via x ray how her hip is doing.


Becky said...

Matt & Susan- So glad to hear that all went well. You have been in our thoughts & prayers. Thanks for the update. VJ & Becky Verduin & Family

The Wolters' said...

okay, good!! thanks for the update.

eka7793 said...

hi my name is emily and i have spina bifida just like your daughter im 16 and 1st i just want to say that you have a beautiful daughter and also i was reading some of your post on the tethered spinal cord i know every person is different but i didn't have problems with mine matter fact i didn't know bout it til bout 4 years ago but didn't have to have my surgery to untether it til a year ago and im glad i had it done. i use to have horrible headaches and back aches so bad it would keep me from going to school and doing things i love like riding horses but now i have no headaches or very few back aches. I think what helps big time is having god in your lives idk what your opinion is on that subject but trust me he would help out your daughter in her future lot if you made sure he was in her life i know hes helped me alot through out my life. But i thought i would tell you that and she really is a beautiful girl.