February 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Matt

Matt's birthday was Saturday. We had a small celebration for him while his mom was still here. We have been home now for two weeks. It has been wonderful to have us all under one roof and not driving back and forth every day. Whitney has adjusted well and is a very good natured little girl. She wakes up twice a night and usually lets me go right back to sleep.

Fiona is also doing well. Her daddy was home with her for the first week home and grandma came this past week to spend time with her so daddy could go back to work. I am not sure I would have made it thruogh these last two weeks without them. I have been able to rest, nap and just take care of Whitney. It has been a wonderful gift. Fiona is missing her grandma's attention this week and it appears that she is more fun than I am.

As I mentioned Matt is back to work as of Monday the 28th. He was more than ready to return and told me a few times that he did not want my job. I found this quite amusing and thankful that I do not have competition for my position at home.

Since returning home we have had seven doctor appointments. This has been much more than I anticipated. It looks like we will have an average of one per week from here plus physical therapy. The good thing about having so many is that I get out of the house. The doctors have strongly advised us not to take Whitney in public for three months. The reports we have received from these appointments have been positive and a few of them even encouraging. She is healing very well. We have had her evaluated and she does not need any braces or casts right now. This is great news and makes us very grateful. We have a physical therapist coming to our home once a week. I am so thankful that this is one appointment that comes to us. Her tone and flexon in her legs is already improving as I do the therapy daily. This is also quite an encouragment.

We continue to take things day by day as things are still quite overwheming. Thank you all for your continued prayers and encouragement.


Steve & Cari said...

Thanks for the update. Happy Birthday Matt and I hope to talk with you soon, Susan. Love you guys and praying for you all daily.

ljbrouwer said...

We are so thankful for the update! Happy Birthday Matt!

We are also praying for you daily and are excited to hear that the reports from the doctors have been encouraging.

Much Love,
Luke and Julie

Anonymous said...

Hey, Suze........
What a wonderful update, thanks again so much for that. We know and understand that you have a long road ahead, but enjoy the little ones and stay positive ! love to you all, Aunt Kathy, etc. etc. :-)
Oh,and Happy Belated Birthday, Matt !!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your birthday Matt, we wish you, Susan and girls a wonderful new year with the Lords Blessings. So glad Whitney is ajusting to all the changes in her little life. Glad you have grandma close by to help you. We love you all.....Love Aunt Hennie & Uncle Ted