February 28, 2008

February: Month of Firsts

Whitney has had a big month. She has begun to roll over, smile, and sleep through the night as of Sunday the 24th. I think that being the star of the show Sunday tired her out enough to begin a great new tradition: sleeping. The baptism went wonderfully. Fiona was a little restless sitting up in the front row but with a little sweat we made it through. While we were up front Fiona wanted to be baptised as well but thankfully we started singing a song and she forgot about it. The reception was a lovely time of fellowship together, celebrating Whitney, and a chance to thank many people who have been a great support to us these past several months.

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ljbrouwer said...

Yeah for sleeping through the night! I can’t believe she is rolling already and those first smiles are always the most precious. I’m glad to hear that all went well with the baptism. When Chloe was baptized Micah wanted to be too- but he didn’t forget. He got really mad and threw his nuke- thankfully only to the third row where our friends were sitting. (I got your birth announcement- you have a beautiful family. Micah was so excited to see pictures of Whitney ~ he still prays for her daily)