February 16, 2008

Good Report

The weeks are flying by and I can't believe Whitney is going to be 6 weeks old on Monday. We were blessed this week again by the presence of Matt's mom. She was only going to come for a few days and ended up staying the week due to weather. I love the snow!

We had an appoinment at the neurosurgeon this week. He was very encouraging and reminded me that every week and every month without an infection is a milestone. Her incisions look so good that I didn't think infection was a great risk any longer. He said that infection can fester for months and not show itself right away if bacteria got in her body during any of her surgeries. Needless to say please still pray that she is continues to be infection free. I asked many questions, as I am sure every mother does, and I was reassured on all of them. I still worry but I am not crazy about it...at least I don't think I am. We scheduled a head ultrasound for early March to check on how things are working with the shunt.

The physical therapist came for her weekly visit. As you many remember Whitney's lesion on her back was located at L-3 to L-4. This tells us aproximatly which nerves were damaged so we know what the outcome looks like is regaards to the future. She noticed that she has more movement on her left side and stated that she thought that her left side function was the equivalant of an L-5! This means that she has more nerve sensation on this side. I did not know that there was a possibility for the sides to be different but the nerve damage can be more severe to some nerves than others. We were greatly encouraged by this and look forward to seeing how else God surprises us.

We are now halfway through our incubation period at home. 6 more weeks! Please feel free to visit if you are healthy. I thrive on the adult interaction. (:


Cari said...

Gifts from God seem to be what can get us through, at times. Giving thanks to God and praying for more healing, no infection, and great doctor visits. love you guys!

Anonymous said...

What a great report. So glad to hear that you are being encouraged. God is so good!! I still do plan to come visit you but when I got over the first cold I started with a new cough and continue to cough so as soon as I am healthy I will come visit you. I have 6 weeks to get healthy. Hope I can make it :-)
Gwen Vander Boon

ljbrouwer said...

Yeah! God is good!

Anonymous said...

Matt & Susan, How encouraging it was to read your recent blog. What more can we say than Praise the Lord. So good to hear Whitney is doing so well. We continue to lift her up in prayer expecially that God will protect her from any infections. Marilyn

Anna said...

I've been debating with myself if I should contact you because I wasn't sure if I would be an encouragement or discouragement to you. Then I decided to just send you a message and if you want to contact me great! (amballsmiles@sbcglobal.net) and if not that's fine too. Anyway, I forget how she knows you but my dad is going through physical therapy at Spectrum South Pavilion here in Kentwood\Cutlerville and he was talking to a therapist or nurse there and I don't know how the conversation was started but my dad was telling her that his daughter (me) has Spina Bifida and she told him that you were expecting Whitney! Anyway, I've been reading your blogs and she's BEAUTIFUL!!! And she looks SO AWESOME!!! Very healthy! Anyway, my name is Anna Britton and I'll be 21 April 28. I have Spina Bifida L 3, 4 like Whitney! Anyway, if you have any questions for me or you need a mentor I would LOVE TO HELP! If not just know we'll be praying for you! Also, if you don't have time for e-mail my phone numbers are: Home 827-1022 OR Cell: 745-0538

Praying for you,


Anonymous said...

Matt and Susan,

Your family is beautiful!

We will continue to pray that Whitney remains infection-free!

Mica, Daniel and Aria