February 22, 2010


Today I went to pick up Whitney. The parents wait outside the classroom while someone helps the child walk, in whatever modified way they need, to the door. This gives all of the kids motivation to 'walk'. Whitney always uses a little chair or stool and walks backward, because her knees collapse, with someone helping shift her weight. Today she was trying out a walker! So, here she is, with someone helping her shift her weight, with a little walker! We were all very excited. Whitney began to wave to us and almost lost her balance but it was super cute. She was so proud of herself, which was a delight to see. She clapped for herself when she overheard me tell Matt and grandma.

We are moving up to 4 mornings a week for the last 3 sessions/months of the school year. She seems to be doing very well, so I hope the transition to 3-4 mornings will be smooth. This will enable us to keep her in BSF on Wednesdays as well.

The Nelson family has had to relocate to a hotel this past week. I walked in the house after Bible study on Wednesday to a flooded home. A PVC pipe broke in our upstairs bathroom and as Fiona said, "It is raining in my bedroom!". We hope to move back in tomorrow to a dry home and stay there while they re-do everything. It is going to be an interesting 6 week process. If you think of us please pray for patience, a positive attitude, and that we will be able to extend grace to those working on our home.


Melissa said...

Yay Whitney!!! I'm so proud of you! I can just see you smiling and waving at Mommy and Fiona when they came to pick you up. I hope that you enjoyed Grandma and Grandpa's visit yesterday and your special gifts from them...we sure had fun picking them out! We love you all!

Aunt Melissa :-)

Anonymous said...

So excited for Whitney's progress and praying it continues! I am sorry to hear about your flood! Yikes! I will definitely keep you in our prayers over these next weeks as the long process of restoration begins...I can't imagine! Hugs!

Leigh and Andy said...

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!! SOOOO exciting!! I am just so proud of Whitney! She is truly an inspiration to us, her accomplishments make me look toward the future with such a positive outlook!

So sorry to hear about the rain in Fiona's room! Lots of prayers that the next 6 weeks go by smoothly for ALL of you! :) See you soon!

ErinM said...

Such good news and such yucky news-- all in one blog post. Yay for Whitney!!! The people at CLC deserve a "yay" as well. Such a great program!

So sorry to hear about the flooding.... Isn't home ownership the pits sometimes?!? I hope nothing major/important/sentimental was damaged. We will send plenty of positive thoughts your way to help you weather the next 6 weeks with as many smiles as possible! :)

Cari said...

Oh no!! I cannot believe you came home to a wet house! UGH!! I will pray for the family. love you!!

Jamie said...

How very exciting!! What a big girl :).